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What We Do ...

Rhino Cues offers no excuses but builds a quality cue at a reasonable price.

I am willing to fully design the cue or take your suggestions to craft a cue that is just what you envision.

Rhino Cues has a great number of woods, exotic, and American, from which to build your cue. I have maple, straight grained, curly, or birdseye. I have many burls available and will core the wood that is used for the front. Depending on the weight desired, I normally use straight grain maple or purpleheart for the core but other core woods may be utilized.

Most cues that I build have a phenolic joint with a 3/8 x 10 joint pin but I can use ivory, stainless steel, horn, or other joint materials. My preference is a flat-faced joint.

Inlays are crafted using either a pantograph or my newest shop addition, a cnc built by Cary Brace of Dark Horse Cues. It is well built and provides tight fitting inlays. You can see a photo in my Gallery.

My cue build times generally run 8-12 months with photo updates as the cue build proceeds. If the build were to run late due to some major unforseen problem, I will contact you and provide a new delivery time. I mention this because we are all susceptible to illness and equipment problems. I enjoy the cue building process and will deliver a cue that you will enjoy its looks and the way it plays.

I have 3 metal lathes, a shaft machine, a cnc, band saws, various sanders, and many other pieces of machinery that are utilized to craft your cue.

Contact me at 830-640-3171 or 979-319-1578 to discuss your cue build.

Ordering Process

  1. Call 830-640-3171 or email me at

  2. If you have a cue design drawing or you can relay to me what you desire the cue to look like and the woods, colors, etc. you envision, I can get back with a price fairly quickly.

  3. If you are not sure of the design for your cue, we will discuss it. You will need to tell me your budget guidelines so that I am not designing a $2000 cue when you budget is $800. Most of the cost of a cue is tied up in the cuemaker's time and labor. So, the more details we add to the cue, the higher the price.

  4. Unless you are a Texas resident, I cannot use ivory in your cue.

  5. Some general guidelines on cue prices(1shaft only)
    • Merry Widows- $400 to $500
    • 4 Point maple front- $550
    • 4 Point exotic wood front- $600 up
    • Extra shaft $135 at time of order

  6. Inlays, veneers, butt points, wrapless handle- all extra. Price determined by type and size.

  7. leather wrap- $125std., exotic $225