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Who We Are ...

Charlie Wilhite, in 1992, began building cues in a small 12 x 15 foot metal building behind his house in Danbury, Texas. He credits Kimbo Van Zandt, Gary Medlin, and Toeboy Rickard with helping him to get started in cue building.

Orders picked up and 2 years later the shop was expanded.

Charlie builds short splice cues with various exotic woods from throughout the world. He can install inlays of various materials including ivory, turquoise, silver, gold, MOP and also products such as Juma or Elforyn, etc. Schrimshaw is also available.

Please note that cues having ivory inlays can only be sold to Texas residents due to current Federal law.

In 2011, Charlie moved to a small ranch near Junction, Texas where he and his wife, Debbie, had built, with the help of friends, a rock home. In 2014, he built a new cue shop and moved the equipment from Danbury to the ranch.

Rhino Cues are still built by one man. In 2018, he finally joined the cnc cue making world as I engaged Cary Brace, of Dark Horse Cues, to build him a cnc for inlays. You will see a pic of it on the website.

H prefers to build a phenolic joint cue but also build SS joints. I also prefer the 3/8 x 10 pin for my cues.

Rhino cues are always signed on the forearm. Charlie keeps a build sheet on all cues. In the event yours is stolen,by contacting me, you can provide an exact description and a serial number. A few cues, early on, were built that were not signed but they do have a serial number.

Rhino Cues are built with a slightly weight forward balance but this can be adjusted if the buyer desires.